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Hallo Leute, ich besaite jetzt seit 2010 auf einer ML120 Concorde, aktuell bin ich bei fast 1500 Besaitungen und alles ist bestens.
Daher für mich Stringway , aber lieber die Standversion bei mehr Besaitungen
… und bei Fragen einfach „saitech“ kontaktieren
… auf jeden Fall muß es Spass machen.

Von dem Stringway users club on Tenniswarehouse forum

Karma Tennis said:

Your stringing machines look incredible. (If I ever need another machine, I will probably purchase one.)

But your Cross Stringing Tool is a Work of ART and one of the most under-rated inventions of all time.


From the Stringway users club:

My trusty ML120 is almost seven years old. I’m self taught – learned from watching yulitle videos on youtube. Only string for myself and my kids however my good friend who is a really good player and been nationally ranked in the 5.0s asked if I could string his stick so I did and he told me it was perfect. The stringway is so consistent. I will not move to an electronic machine because of this.


From the Stringwayh users club:

Hi count me in!

I’ve been on and off this forum since 2013, but started stringing since 2012. Stringway ML100 with a T92 fixed clamp system is my tool of choice. It was the machine that I learned about stringing, taught by a close friend of mine, also a proud Stringway owner for more than a decade.

ML100 has been so reliable and solid. I string both badminton and tennis racquets. I must confess, I’ve been trying to purchase a Wise2086 to up my games in stringing to the electronic era. However, I worry too much about the maintenance and calibration of a digital device. The pure and elegant mechanical design of Stringway is just impeccable.

Anyway, as long as I stay passionate about stringing, my Stringway ML100 will always be my loyal partner.


Hi Fred,

I received the heavy parcel on Friday.  The box was delivered in very good condition apart from a minor tear in the cardboard. No internal damage.

Assembly went fine as did my first racquet stringing, a Wilson Pro Staff 97, RF Autograph, for a friend.

I’m overall very pleased with quality of the machining, fits, and finish of all the sub-assemblies.

I guess that means I get to join the Stringway Club on the Tennis Warehouse Forum!

Appreciate your kind and helpful and timely answers to all my questions.




Hi Fred,

yesterday i’ve tried for the first time the stringing machine , wow!

tensioning system is absolutely wonderful , fast , simple and well built.

overall quality is impressive , the only thing that ( at the moment ) i’m not used to is the t92 clamps

anyway it’s worth the extra money i’ve paid for having a machine made in netherlands against a made in china

i think that your stringing machines are the only one that are made in europe…

best regards

Andrea Bonomo


Last month I decided to upgrade my Pro Stringer clamps. After speaking to Fred from Stringway I went with two Triple clamps and one Double clamp.

They arrived yesterday and after stringing a racquet with them I’m very happy with the purchase. They are very easy to use/adjust with the tension knob and are very gentle on the strings. The Triple clamps have very little drawback as well. Thanks Fred for providing a well engineered product.
I guess I’m now a partial member of the „Stringway’s Users“ Club! ;) TD



I may have been an initial guinea pig for the Concorde upgrade here in the states. There were a number of issues, but this may have been due to the age of my ML100, and that at least here in the states that there may not have been many (or any) requests to upgrade. There were some back and forth w/Mark, Fred & myself plus a few trips to a specialty hardware store down the road but in the end they got me all set up and running and I was pleased.

I do like the Concorde, not sure if it’s a standard feature on all new Stringways, but I’d definitely purchase it. As mentioned above it is more for tensioning the mains than for 360 degree rotation. It will allow you to rotate a racquet 360; however, the Stringway units spin so effortlessly around I don’t typically use the Concorde for this function.


Like me! Just bought a ML100 T92! Did some racquets and I’m loving it so far!


Hi Fred,

I would just like to say that I have had my machine for ten years. It has been fantastic and I have strung 6,318 racquets with it.

It is just starting to need a service because some parts on the tension head are wearing out and it doesn’t grip the string as well as it did when  it was new, but after ten years I feel it was an excellent purchase and had no hesitation ordering another machine from Stringway.


I was just too late for yours . . .

But another one popped up in the For Sale section and on Monday it departed the East Coast and arrived on Friday at the West Coast

So I am the happy new owner of a LaserFibre ML100

Thanks – but I don’t mind the age at all
Strung 5 racquets with the LaserFibre this weekend and she still works perfectly !
I already downloaded the manual a while ago before I bough it 😉


thank you

I eyeballed the position and every thing worked great,

Will post on TW later today.

You have a awesome weekend,

I’m really impressed with you support.


after 12-15 stringjobs on my new ml-100 t92 stringing machine i am sure that i’ve made a great decision in choosing stringway… simply the best manual machine ever tried!


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Nach 2 Jahren im Gebrauch möchte ich auch einen kurzen Erfahrungsbericht zu der Maschine schreiben:

Ich bespanne mit der Maschine zwischen 200 und 300 Schläger im Jahr, also nicht übermäßig viel, aber auch mehr als nur zum Privatgebrauch.

Zunächst einmal ist der Support von Stringway erstklassig. Ich hatte mit der Maschine anfänglich 2 kleinere Probleme, welche eventuell auch durch mich ausgelöst worden sein können. In beiden Fällen bekam ich von Stringway sofort Antwort und Support, in beiden Fällen konnte das Problem zeitnah behoben werden.

Zur Arbeit mit der Maschine lässt sich folgendes sagen. Ich habe die Version mit Flying Clamps, arbeite also mit einer Doppelzange und 2 Dreifach-Zangen. In Kombination mit den Fussbedienung ist das Bespannen ein Traum. Früher hat mich die Bespannerei auf Dauer immer genervt. Handmaschinen, vorgebeugte Haltung, hängende Klemmen und was weiß ich, was es in dem Preisbereich alles so gibt. Mit der Stringway geht das alles zack-zack und dazu extrem genau. Wenn es überhaupt ein Problem gibt, dann das bei manchen multfilen Saiten 2x gezogen werden muss .. aber auch das dauert eine Sekunde länger und stört überhaupt nicht.

Habe neulich auf einer etwa gleichteuren elektrischen Maschine mit stehenden Klemmen bespannt .. würde ich nie gegen die MS200 eintauschen.

Alles in allem … kann die Maschine nur jedem empfehlen und es lohnt sich, etwas mehr auszugeben, wenn man auch etwas mehr als seine eigenen Schläger bespannt. Inwiefern die Maschine die Belastung bspw. eines Sportgeschäfts standhält, kann ich nicht sagen.

LG Michael

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Originally Posted by SC in MA
My understanding is there is some drawback with both the double action and single action clamps, with a bit more drawback with the single action. However, any drawback is taken up by the next pull so I personally think drawback is a non-issue, though I believe others think it is. This was a hot topic in the past. Do a search for more details.

Yep, there is a slight amount of drawback, I think this would be eliminated if the clamp jaw/heads were machined, they look to be cast or something similar. The way they fit onto the base shaft is fairly loose for something that expensive. This is not to say the clamps are not good, IMO they are of excellent quality, but the drawback is noticeable. I don’t mind much, though, since as has been said, the drawback is pulled out in the next pull. The only time this will matter is on the last string before tie off.

As far as price, i think anything around $700 is an excellent price. The constant pull (and the consistency of the said constant pull) is simply amazing. It’s hard to really understand what one means by it until you’ve strung with one. I just have the utmost confidence in my machine.

One major gripe (ok, two) i have is/are: Lack of 360 degree rotation (I miss it really, really bad). There have been people who modify their machines to „enable“ 360 degree rotation, but i think you have to store the tensioner down, in which case you lose the convenience of the clam shell jaw.

The other gripe i have is that there is no turn table brake. This seems like it would be easy to implement, but sadly enough, there is none. This is almost a requirement to string O3 style racquets… (I don’t like the boomerang tool).

Hope this helps.
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Laserfibre MS200TT DA

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Laserfibre MS200 DX?
LaserFibre not as popular? On what are you basing your comments?
More expensive? Maybe price is SUBJECTIVE rather than OBJECTIVE. You get what you pay for. A machine which is constructed to exacting tolerances and performs at a near pro level WILL cost more. The cheap machines that are from the orient are just that, CHEAP. But at what price? Crack a few frames on those pieces of junk and you can then decide which machine is „cheaper“!
If you’re serious about your game and need to „invest“ in it, then buy the „best“ machine you can. Why compromise?
Comparing a constant pull machine to a static pull, or as Power Game refers to them, crank, is a mistake. There is no static pull machine that can compare with the consistency of a constant pull machine. PEROID!
Be sure you check out mounting systems. If the frame cannot be supported properly, you will do damage the frame due to distortion. This will effectively reduce the life and performance of the racquet.
Stringing is not rocket science, BUT you need to understand the physics that dictate the forces that will effect the final outcome.

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Totally agree, it’s because of the price. At its price point you can go electronic and get all the bells and whistles and „wow“ factor.

Michael Chaho, however, prefers the MS200DX in this prince point he said because he thinks the mounting system is better for the frame albeit a bit slower (I agree, though 6 pt. is perfectly fine too) and also most imporantly because he likes the feeling of total control he has over the tensioning on the DX, I’m guessing because the pedal is pressure sensititve, whereas with an electronic machine the instant you tape that pedal or that button, that’s it, you no longer have any control over the string or the sensation of tensioning.

I think the DX would be great for when those grommets pop out on the last main strings or when securing the starting knot on the first cross string.

All in all, I would seriously consider the DX over the electronic options in this range, simply because once you become a believer in the Laserbire mounting system, it’s hard to give it up. Also, because I like that it doesn’t requie electricity and has a clean, uncluttered look in the room, and the pressure-sensitive foot pedal. I also love the clamshell gripper design, never any worries about slipping and it’s so gentle on every kind of string. What I don’t like about the DX is that it has no option for machine pre-stretch and that angle/height at which the string is pulled varies a little each time as the „sensory jaw“ adusts to the slack in the string. I don’t know how much of a difference this will make coming out of the grommet, but my sense is that it would make a slight difference. The height at which the string is pulled with the sensory jaw can very as much as an inch or so from what I recall the last time I checked.

BTW, if I were a shop; I’d lean toward electronic just in case someone requests machine prestretch and because people tend to be impressed by anything that is digital, beeps, and talks smart like Kit the computerized car with feelings.



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Get it…if money is not an issue for you , this machine would definitely worth every penny. I had it for 4 months now and love it. I have the single action clamps also. I figured, if I have already spend tons of money on this bad boy, I might as well go for the best. Regarding performance – it took me almost an hour on my first string job because I wasn’t use to have the foot pedal as the tensioner. Now it took me less than 30 min. to string one racquet. The tension is so accurate and consistent. Single action clamps is very helpful if you’re first time stringer. You can definitely get your investment back in no time if you string for other as well.
Ang again, go with the single action clamps because it will last you for a while. Personally I think the double action don’t look too good on the DX. Single action just give it a much more professional feel and look.
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MS 200DX Should I?
Started looking for a quality crank + Wise after I got a tip from Gaines Hillix. I started looking for the Neos 1000, but changed my mind to the Alpha Apex. Problem is (1) it is hard to find Alpha in Europe, and (2) there are no distributors of the Wise head. So, I am now about to order a Stringway MS200 (LF MS200DX in US), the one with the foot pedal operation. I have read through tons of posts regarding LF machines, and it seems to be a nice product, BUT…a lot of the LF advocates remind me of Apple Macintosh followers, so I am not really sure what to think. Anyway, I have almost decided to buy the Stringway and was wondering if you have any comments before I hand over my credit card details to Stringway. Also, any tips, good-to-know’s, about this machine.
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01-26-2005, 06:24 AM

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For hassle free, safe, constitent stringing for years to come, I cant imagine how the MS200 could disappoint you. I have the MS200TT DA – and my friend has the MS200DX SA. They have the same mounting system and clamp options. The only real difference is the tensioning mechanism. Word on the street is that the foot actuated system is somewhat faster than the drop weight. I would personnally not spring (no pun intended) for the extra cash required to own the DX over the TT. If I were spending $1500 on a stringing machine though – the DX would be at the top of my list.

Ten year warranty, totally safe mounting system (albeit probably not as quick as a NEOS), great clamps, and an always reliable tensioning system (with hands free tensioning on the DX). All that adds up to very consistent results – and that is what stringing is all about.

A while back – somebody posted a total dislike of the machine – in favor of a NEOS, if I recall correctly. I cant remember his name. When he did, I asked my friend with the DX if he would prefer the NEOS over his DX (he has stung on both) and he looked at me as if I were nuts.

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I have the Laserfibre MS200DX stringing machine. I’ve been stringing for over 20 years using a variety of machines from the old cheap Tremont, various drop-weights and crank systems, and electronic Prince and Babolat machines. In my opinion the Laserfibre MS200DX is right there near the top in terms of the best stringing machine.

If you have any questions on your MS200DX please post a message and I’ll be happy to answer. You could also call Tim Sullivan at Laserfibre. Tim is an A+ rep who is always more than happy to chat.


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Laserfibre for these reasons:

1)Simply the fastest machine I ever worked on (I own a Sensor).
2)10 year warranty
3)direct mount..more working room than a 6 pt mount
4)no electricity needed for direct pull

Would prefer single action clamps to dual action…they are faster.

Despite some of the criticisms people have had on their service, My dealings with Tim over the years have been beyond reproach…


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Originally Posted by RacquetDoctor
Laserfibre for these reasons:

 1)Simply the fastest machine I ever worked on (I own a Sensor).
 2)10 year warranty
 3)direct mount..more working room than a 6 pt mount
 4)no electricity needed for direct pull

 Would prefer single action clamps to dual action…they are faster.

 Despite some of the criticisms people have had on their service, My dealings with Tim over the years have been beyond reproach…


Thanks for sharing your experience/feedback Mark. Compared to the Sensor, what’s the big difference(negativeness) about the DX? Have you had the chance to try the DA clamps? I’ve read on this thread that SA has drawbacks but is it not true? Can you also tell me more about the Direct Mount…how is it different from other mounts? Lastly, are there a big difference in the string job done with your Sensor and MS200DX?

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LaserFiber MS200DX (upright model) is catching up! I heard that it’s one of the fastest machine from some of the members here but if anyone has strung with both the DA and SA clamps and can tell me which one they liked with reason, that’ll be helpful. Reading the past posting, it seems like people like the DA better because it has less drawback compared to the SA but is that really true? I know that guy at LF, Txm uses SA and TxD uses DA.

07-18-2006, 12:43 PM

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I have two LF machines (MS200TT and MS200Tour Pro (DX predecessor). One has DA (TT) – one has SA (Tour Pro). I would spend the extra money on the SA. The amount of drawback is indistinguishable on my two machines. The SA clamps might be the coolest clamps ever. But then again – they might not be. How would I know?

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I’ve been using my MS200TT for over 5 years now, never experienced racket head distortion. Make sure that the main mounting brakets are tight, and that they are snug against the frame. The frame mounts should also be tight enough so that the racket does not move in the mount. I use to have an Alpha Prioneer 2 point mount and had some issues with the frame distorting, but never with the Laserfibre.


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